Improve welfare, learning & behaviour in school.

Poor behaviour, poor progress? Or unidentified eyesight, hearing, Inclusion or welfare needs?

Using SchoolScreener® for Schools enables schools to identify children with poor vision or hearing before requiring additional support for Inclusion or SEND interventions and enabling budgets go further. Also available, eWelfare questionnaires/assessments and Growth.

Used in over 5,000 schools.

SchoolScreener® for Schools is for ages  7 – 18* it’s a variant of our SchoolScreener® software used since 2013 by NHS School Health Teams at Reception age.

Identifying potential vision and hearing issues, schools can take appropriate steps to address these and provide support for students. Schools also have the data needed to support inclusion and teaching and the data for SLT reporting and, if required to support for OFSTED welfare provision assessments (for MATs, MAT-Wide). And, the software automatically provides reports to parents recommending they take their child for a full clinical assessment.

* For schools with dedicated in house School Health support, also at younger ages.

  • CHECK  children where poor hearing or vision may be affecting children’s behaviour/progress
  • IDENTIFY welfare and health needs
  • NO CLINICAL KNOWLEDGE NEEDED  for use by SEND/support staff/teachers
  • NO ADMIN All automated including data, letters to parents
  • EVIDENCE Through automated anonymised reporting to SLT (and for MATS, MAT-wide)
  • INCLUSION  through timely/cost effective support
  • ENGAGE PARENTS Through automated letters informing parents
  • ECONSENT  if needed, fully automated

SchoolScreener for Schools is a group of apps that doesn’t fit with the standard classifications of school software, so please take a few moments to learn more:

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When used, SchoolScreener® for Schools enables school budgets go further, by isolating health issues before expensive SEND interventions may be required.

SchoolScreener® for Schools Vision and Hearing use global screening standards, for use by staff without clinical knowledge. They are not a replacement for full clinical assessments –  for children that fail their checks, letters to parents are automatically generated recommending taking their child for a full clinical assessment (High Street optometrist for vision – free of charge for children aged 5 – 16 and for Hearing, to visit their GP).

Case Study

The Fischer Family Foundation assessed the software in four primary schools (mainly KS2) as part of their Apex Project to ‘eliminate avoidable literacy failure’.

This is what they found:

  1. ‘Over 20% of children had a potential sight problem, not previously known about.’ This was despite most of them having been checked by school nurses at Reception age school entry.
  2. Over 75% of those recommended to see an optometrist in the above pilot study did attend. Of those, 64% needed an intervention, usually glasses.

See their video summary that includes interviews with the head teacher and key staff involved at one of those schools. It’s illuminating and well worth watching.

Use in any school

Not being able to see or hear properly can impact on attention, reading, participation in class activities, social interaction and behaviour; also, imposing considerable, avoidable burdens on school budgets and success.

There’s a wealth of independent, academic research. We’ve listed some here.

While schools are well aware of the importance of good vision and hearing for learning, welfare and inclusion, until now, they’ve not had the tools to do anything about it.

And even when children have been screened at Reception age, children’s eyesight and hearing can change as they grow. That’s where SchoolScreener for Schools comes in for any school, primary or secondary, academy, maintained or independent. It doesn’t stop there, with SchoolScreener for Schools you can check overall welfare and health status with age-appropriate online assessments. Our online eWelfare Needs assessments are evidence, in widespread use and ready to use by your school (and for MATs, MAT-wide).

We’d love to show you SchoolScreener for Schools, how it works and how it can help your school. To schedule an online demonstration, please contact us, without delay.