Growth and Child BMI Checks for Independent Schools

Growth and Child BMI is routinely measured and calculated in all UK state schools for the National Child Measurement Programme, or NCMP as it’s known. It’s done in Reception and Year 6 by school nursing teams from a local NHS Trust. Many NHS Trusts use our SchoolScreener NCMP application to automate the process, calculation and data management for the NCMP.

However, the NCMP checks are often not available to Independent Schools. SchoolScreener® for Schools Growth is now available for Independent Schools (with an in house School Health Provision) wanting the same checks – Or for whichever age groups a school may want.

Easily calculate growth and child BMI.

Simply enter the child’s height and weight into the online application, the software does the rest. That includes the calculations, production of child BMI charts, internal reporting and letters to parents, as required.

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Use it as a low-cost stepping-stone in your journey to digitisation and improving the welfare, health and inclusion of each child in your care. it’s quick and easy.

We’d love to show you SchoolScreener for Schools Growth & BMI. The application, how it works and how it can help your school.

To schedule an online demonstration, please contact us,  without delay.