Case Study:
4 English Primary Schools

As part of its Apex Project to ‘eliminate avoidable literacy failure’ the Fischer Family Foundation, assessed the software in four primary schools. They found:

  • ‘Over 20% of children had a potential sight problem, not previously known about.’ This was despite most of them having been checked by school nurses at Reception age school entry.
  • Over 75% of those recommended to see an optometrist in the above pilot study did attend. Of those, 64% needed an intervention, usually glasses.


This video includes interviews with the head teacher and key staff involved at one of those schools. It’s illuminating and well worth watching. A little over 8 minutes long, it shows in some detail how they achieved these results, how the pupils and school benefitted and how they feel about it.

See the Video

More Information

Consistent with the 2014 SEND Code of Practice,  SchoolScreener® for Schools supports welfare and inclusion submissions for OFSTED.

See a head teacher and a SEND specialist discuss how to identify and support pupils with vision or hearing problems with SchoolScreener® for Schools.  This was a webinar hosted and broadcast in December 2023, by Mark Allen Group.