Remove Barriers to Education:

Recorded 7th December 2023

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The webinar was approximately 1 hour long.

Identify and Support Pupils with Vision and Hearing Problems

Our expert panel comprised:
  • Michelle Siequien, Headteacher of Discovery Primary Academy in Peterborough, since 2015.
  • Liz Zoccolan, SENDCO and Assistant Headteacher at Harrogate Grammar School in Yorkshire. Also the Lead for SEND across Red Kite Learning Trust.
  • Professor David Thomson, Director of Product Development, Thomson Screening. Prof Thomson has spent most of his professional life at City, University of London.
  • Dr Sebastian Hendricks, Consultant in paediatric audiovestibular medicine.
  • Pete Henshaw (Host), Editor SecEd & Headteacher Update.

Vision and hearing problems are common among children and can act as a significant barrier to educational and social development.

This webinar considered the prevalence of vision and hearing problems and their potential impact on a child’s development.

Experts discussed how these problems often go undetected, what we can do to help identify them, and how we can subsequently support these pupils in a school environment. Also, they discussed the implications for educational and social development, including inclusive practice, pupil welfare, academic progress, graduated approaches and pastoral care. The NHS is supposed to screen all children of reception age, but provision is patchy across the country and screening doesn’t take into account related issues such as colour-blindness. This also presents significant implications for schools.

Thomson Screening was formed by City, University of London to manage the ongoing development and global implementation of SchoolScreener® software. The company has also developed variants for Occupational Health under the name WorkScreener®.

Worldwide, our software has been used to manage over 2,000,000 screenings. Most of these have been in the UK by the NHS and other providers of Healthy Child Programmes in schools, commissioned by public health. They use it to automate processes region-wide, including pathway management and feedback from clinics about full clinical assessments.

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professor David Thomson

Professor David Thomson

dr sebastian hendricks

Dr Sebastian Hendricks

More Information

Consistent with the 2014 SEND Code of Practice,  SchoolScreener® for Schools supports welfare and inclusion submissions for OFSTED.

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