Webinar: Teaching Pupils with Mild Vision or Hearing Difficulties

Webinar: Teaching Pupils with Mild Vision or Hearing Difficulties Thursday, June 20, 2024 · 4:00 p.m. REGISTER NOW About This Webinar Mild vision and hearing problems in children are much more common than we might think and can act as a significant barrier to teaching and learning.Vision problems: Studies suggest that one in five children […]

Webinar December 2023 Q&A

Q&A Arising from the Webinar Identify and Support Pupils with Mild to Moderate Vision and Hearing Problems We had 1347 registrations for the webinar, and a lot of questions posted. We’ve tried to answer them all and have listed them below. In some cases we grouped questions that appeared to ask the same things. Just […]

Case Study

Case Study: 4 English Primary Schools As part of its Apex Project to ‘eliminate avoidable literacy failure’ the Fischer Family Foundation, assessed the software in four primary schools. They found: ‘Over 20% of children had a potential sight problem, not previously known about.’ This was despite most of them having been checked by school nurses […]

SEND Code of Practice

SEND Code and the Removal of Barriers to Education SEND Code of Practice Consistent with Vision and Hearing Checks In-School. The SEND Code of Practice defines special educational needs in four broad areas of need and support. Vision and hearing checks from SchoolScreener for Schools can form important aspects of these 4 areas: Communication and […]

Webinar December 23

Remove Barriers to Education: SEE THE WEBINAR RECORDING Recorded 7th December 2023 For the full Q&A from the webinar, follow the link. The webinar was approximately 1 hour long. Identify and Support Pupils with Vision and Hearing Problems Our expert panel comprised: Michelle Siequien, Headteacher of Discovery Primary Academy in Peterborough, since 2015. Liz Zoccolan, […]

Remove Barriers to Education

Remove Barriers to Education Undiagnosed vision problems can adversely impact learning, behaviour, welfare and even inclusion. Children’s eyesight can change as they grow. Also, in the wake of COVID, there’s a significant increase in the children with short sight (myopia). Most likely, owing to increased screen time. That’s why it’s important to check their eyes […]